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The Creative Arts Department encourages students to develop their artistic talents through a variety of intensive courses, each specific to a specialised area of art making. Our teachers have a range of experience from traditional art practices to expertise in digital media. The Creative Arts faculty has an emphasis on skill building and strong connections with community involvement. Courses taught in this faculty area include Stage 4, 5 & 6 Visual Arts, Stage 6 Ceramics & Visual Design and Stage 5 & 6 Photography. Growth in these areas has facilitated an additional extension class, “Unleash your Mind”, to enhance the talent of our art students.

An end of year exhibition showcases the talents of our art students at which parents and members of the general public are invited to attend.
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All students are required to undertake the mandatory Visual Arts course in years 7 and 8. Students will complete a semester in each year. Performing Arts audition students complete one term of Visual Arts in year 7 and progress to a semester in year 8.
Within this course, our students engage in a range of programs that exposes them to various themes and mediums. Students develop skills and knowledge in art-making with both 2D and 3D media and they build their interpretive, analytical and evaluative responses in art history and criticism.
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The elective Visual Arts course runs for 3 semesters. This course is designed to develop and encourage a variety of skills and techniques to give all students a well rounded understanding of visual arts. Students also extend on their knowledge of the frames and conceptual framework learnt in stage 4 and complete studies of a variety of artists and art movements. Students are given opportunities to work as an individual and participate in a variety of collaborative tasks. Through completing select of units, students build upon their established skills using both 2D and 3D media. They are also introduced to 4D time based art-making and use this medium to record and document temporary installation work. This course encourages students to expand on their knowledge of artists practice and critical/historical study of both traditional and contemporary artists. This course is an excellent bridge between mandatory junior Visual Arts and the senior Visual Arts course.

Junior and Senior courses in Photography and Digital Media offer diverse and challenging learning experiences, giving students valuable skills such as problem solving, lateral thinking and co-operative learning. Students may demonstrate achievement in wet and digital photography, providing different and alternative ways of exploring new technologies and the world as a source of inspiration.
Photography also provides a set of outcomes that provide students with an understanding of skills, values and attitudes that are essential for all students to succeed in and beyond their schooling. Photography courses have a substantial practical component and students are given opportunities to work in a wide range of materials, which can be utilised in other studio areas in the Creative Arts faculty.
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In Senior Visual Design students are presented with various design modules, where they are encouraged to express their ideas in and across different fields of design such as; graphics, wearables, product design, interior/exterior design and much more.
This course enables students to gain an increasing accomplishment and independence, inviting them to develop different interpretations to exciting design briefs. Students are also given an opportunity to learn and master a number of skills and techniques essential to design, using both ICT and traditional media to express their ideas.
This course also allows insight into a large scope of career paths which students with a creative mind may be interested in being involved in after they finish school.
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In Senior Visual Arts, Year 11 students use their skills acquired in the junior years to create artworks which are personal responses to the world around them. Guided through various media and concept explorations, students engage in a content rich course, investigating artists practice and critical/historical studies of both traditional and contemporary artists.
In Year 12, students use these skills to develop an HSC Body of Work, which is a reflection of their investigations into the Visual Arts and their practice as artists. In-depth case studies create relevance to their art making and their understanding of the world of art. This course encourages students to be independent learners and teaches valuable life skills that can be of assistance in post-school career paths.
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In Senior Ceramics, Year 11 students are encouraged to investigate the properties of using clay to create 3D art forms. Students are taught various building techniques ranging from hand building to using the pottery wheel. In Year 12, they design create and produce their own ceramic installation pieces. Various ceramic practices and decoration techniques are incorporated to engage the students in a content rich course.