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The English Faculty is a large and diverse faculty consisting of teachers with wide-ranging experience, enabling us to deliver the full spectrum of English courses to meet the learning needs and interests of all the students of Campbelltown Performing Arts High School. We are currently delivering the entire range of HSC courses, from Extension 2, where talened writers are attempting to compose their own original manuscripts for the HSC; to English Studies, where students who are not looking for university entrance can engage in consolidating their core literacy skills, and access a wide range of dynamic literary texts. As a result of this comprehensive range of courses available, we look forward to the reward of our HSC students achieving their personal best in the pathway they have chosen.

In English, we also strive to encouarge all students to follow their passion and deepen their learning by offering a wide range of extra-curricular activities. Our teachers coach the debating teams and talented public speakers for a range of competitions. We are also establishing a 'reading club' in support of this year's National Year of Reading. And finally, we strongly encourage and attempt to foster the creative voice in our students by encouraging them to enter various creative and critical writing competitions, and this year, will be running a few of our own, here at the school.

We will publish more details of upcoming events, competitions, assessments and opportunities from our Faculty... So, watch this space!

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