Frequently Asked Questions - Auditions

If you live within our ‘drawing area’ then your child does not have to audition to attend CPAHS but can audition if they wish to start here in a performing arts class.
If you live out of our area then they will have to audition in one of the ‘Arts’ to attend here, ie: Dance, Drama, Vocal, Instrumental Music or Circus Arts (Circus is available for years 7-9 only).

Q: Can my child audition to be part of the Performing Arts if we live in-area?

A: Yes – see above


Q: What is the difference between Auditions & Enrolments?

A: You can audition for a performing Arts placement, at CPAHS, and be successful but due to your school reports, Principals/teachers report and the Risk Assessment you may be unsuccessful with enrolling.
In other words a successful audition does not necessarily mean a successful enrolment. Many occasions need a interview with the Principal.
The other difference is if you live locally you do not have to audition. You will have to prove that you live in-area to enrol at CPAHS.


Q: What does an Audition entail?
A: Drama – To do a Drama audition you will have to present a 3 minute monologue from a selected set of monologues and also take part in a improvisation & drama workshop.
    Dance – These auditions are held like a dance class. Senior students will show you a selected set of dance steps and the teachers will observe you going through the paces. Dance clothes and bare feet.
    Music – Play a 2-3 minute piece of music on your chosen instrument. Prepare two major scales. Bring your instrument. A piano & drum kit is available.
     Vocal -  Prepare an unaccompanied vocal item 2-3  minutes long.
     Circus – Perform a well rehearsed 3 minute routine using Diablo, Uni-Cycle, Tumbling routine, Stilt walking, Clowning or Magic. Or a mixture of all the above.
If you are interested in Aerial Circus, you should prepare a Rhythmic gymnastics or Tumbling routine.


Q: I have a performing arts student at CPAHS already. Can I enrol another one there?

A:  If you live in our area then ‘yes’ providing you provide the necessary proof. If you live out of area then that child will have to audition. There are no sibling rights.

Q: Can my child audition now & start straight away?

A:  Generally speaking there are two sets of auditions per year. One  (1)set in March for the incoming year 7 for the next year and one (1) set in August for the incoming years 8 – 11 also for the next year. If successful they will be ready to start the following year after the enrolment process and subject selections (for the Years 8-11) has been finalised.
       From time to time we may audition a student for immediate entry but this is usually for a student that has moved in area and is a PA student at their old school.


Q: What’s this in-area / out of area business?

A:Each and every public school has an area around their school that they can enrol student from – this is in-area. If you live outside of this mapped area you are out of area. You do have to prove you are in-area by supplying copies of such things as house leases, council rates, electricity accounts, water bills, telephone bills etc.


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