Frequently Asked Questions - Enrolments

If you live within our ‘drawing area’ then your child does not have to audition to attend CPAHS but can audition if they wish to start here in a performing arts class.
If you live out of our area then they will have to audition in one of the ‘Arts’ to attend here, ie: Dance, Drama, Vocal, Instrumental Music or Circus Arts (Circus is available for years 7-10 only).

Q:I want to enrol my child at CPAHS. What do I have to do?

A:a) Providing you live in our area & can prove it with copies of house contract, lease contract, rent receipts, copies of accounts eg: water, electricity, telephone accounts, council rates etc; and when required, evidence of loco parentis / guardianship details. You can bring the required paperwork to the school we will assess your request and if the Principal approves you will be able to enrol your student.
b) If you live out-of-area (non-local) then they will have to audition – see audition notes.


Q:My child is in year 6 now how do I get Enrolment papers for next year?

A:a)  If your child attends a public school they  will provide you with an Expression Of Interest (EOI) in March to fill in and return it to them. This starts the enrolment process. Speak to the staff they will assist you.
b)If you are at a private school call the public high school that you wish to attend and speak to the enrolment staff.


Q:My child has successfully auditioned and we have accepted the position, what happens now?

A:If you accept the position by sending back the ‘Conditions of Acceptance’ in due course you will receive an Application to Enrol package that needs to be filled in and returned to the high school by the due date. If successful you will receive a letter advising you if the Principal has accepted your enrolment application.


Q:What additional papers do I need to submit for enrolment?

A:When you return the Application to Enrol you need to also need to submit three copies of proof of residence (as above), copy of the child’s birth certificate or passport, copy of the NAPLAN results (unless already submitted with an audition application), plus all the papers that were included in the package.


Q:When is Orientation Day?

A:This is usually held in the beginning of December. If your child is enrolling here for the following year you will be advised of the date and time.