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Mathematics is studied as a mandatory subject for all students in Years 7 to 10 and the content of the curriculum is divided up into five broad areas, these being Number, Data, Space and Geometry, Measurement and Patterns and Algebra. A sixth area of the Mathematics syllabus is called Working Mathematically where students are engaged in problem solving, questioning, reasoning and communicating about the work that they are studying. Junior classes are streamed into three levels of ability so that each student is working at a level that matches their mathematical skill.

In the senior school, we offer the complete range of courses – General Mathematics, Mathematics, Extension 1 Mathematics and Extension 2 Mathematics. In addition, we offer the Applied Mathematics course which has been designed by our Maths staff at the school to meet the needs of those senior students wishing to do Maths as part of their HSC but who do not require tertiary study admission.

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