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The Science Faculty at Campbelltown Performing Arts High School offers a thorough and complete set of curriculum options throughout the all stages of education with a focus on providing the skill sets and knowledge that are required to enter the work force or tertiary study.

The curriculum of Years 7 – 10 is delivered in an integrated manner providing an appropriate balance between the practical components, field work, ICT and independent learning. Within each year group an “Invitation” class is offered to cater for the academically gifted students who have demonstrated that they require extension work and advanced applications within the content to maintain their motivation.

All of the Senior courses that are examined in the HSC are delivered at Campbelltown Performing Arts High School. These include:

•Earth & Environmental Science
•Senior Science
•Life Skills Science

All of these courses (except Life Skills) can be used for tertiary entrance if required, however, even if they are not, they will provide you with a balance of practical skills, ICT skills and independent learning. Many of our performing arts students find it beneficial to combine their performance studies with sciences to aid in their understanding anatomy, biochemistry, lighting, digital production, amplification and many more areas.

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