Student Welfare

Head teacher Welfare - Stephen Keogh
p:  (02) 4625 1403

One of the aims of CPAHS is to help each individual to find their strengths and offer them every possible opportunity to develop them in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Our philosophy at CPAHS is to offer a diverse range of opportunities at every level of schooling whilst nurturing the confidence and self-esteem to make these opportunities count. At CPAHS, we encourage each student to reach their individual potential in all aspects of their life and to become a happy and fulfilled adult who will contribute positively to the community.

In a friendly and yet disciplined atmosphere, each student is encouraged to learn and benefit from the values of co-operation and team work, to care for others and for their environment.

Our Pastoral Care Objectives

•        Provide a caring community in which each student feels valued and able to make a worthwhile contribution.
•        Encourage a sense of belonging to the school community and pride in the school.
•        Encourage an understanding of oneself and others and an appreciation of individual differences.
•        Encourage self-discipline and social responsibility.
•        Prepare students for the challenges of society.
•        Foster quality relationships between staff and students.
•        Establish strong, supportive relationships between parents and the school.

Student Support Services
All Year groups are supervised by a Student Adviser and Assistant Student Adviser.

The role of the Student Adviser is to support the learning and welfare needs of students in their respective year groups. This is achieved through a range of ongoing programs such as:

•        A Year  7 Camp
•        End of Semester Reward days
•        Peer Mediation
•        Student Representative Council
•        Accessing specialist teachers or other support such as Support Teacher Learning Assistant, English as a Second Language teacher, DET personnel and outside support agencies.
•        A comprehensive merit system exists to encourage all levels of student endeavour. Bronze, Silver and Gold awards acknowledge the widespread achievements of our students across a diverse range of areas to promote the total individual.

Parents are welcome to contact Student Advisers to arrange appointments to discuss their child’s progress at school, or to review any ongoing issues or concerns. Student Advisers are also able to assist in the collection of work for students if absent, conduct progress reports and assist in the monitoring of student attendance.